fiXpedia 1.0

The professional, free tool to manage FIX specifications.

It's ready. The long awaited tool is now available for free download. A desktop dictionary for FIX specifications. fiXpedia also extends its capabilities to manage custom specifications and translate the raw FIX messages to human readable format.

Core Features

Browse FIX Messages

Browse FIX Messages easily. Search for messages with message type and message name.

Category Browser

Find Message category by selecting the message and click 'Show in - Category Browser'.

Quick Search on Tags, Groups and Components

Quickly search tags and groups with Tag number and Tag name and components with name.

FIX Message Translator

Translate FIX Messages using FIX Message translator. Translator automatically chooses FIX version to translate if no custom specification is selected.

Manage Custom Specifications

Manage Custom Specifications by creating/editing custom Tags, Groups and Components.

Structural View for Components and Groups

Understandable structural view for Components and Repeating Groups.